These Are Ways To Repair A Broken Tap

Before you dismantle the kitchen sink faucet, make sure the water flow is dead and the faucet has stopped functioning. Not only are the faucets you close (turn off) but also water sources such as pumps or wells that are the main source of water flowing to various faucets at home. By stopping the flow of water, you will more easily repair the sink faucet without being interrupted by a burst of water coming out of the tap pipe. Meanwhile, if your house is getting flooded because of the broken tap, then you need to call the action 1 restoration immediately.

It is also proven to save water.

Remove the tap slowly

Take the English key and remove the tap from the pipe. Swivel direction can vary depending on the type of pipe installed in the dishwasher, but in most cases, the tap will be detached by turning it counterclockwise. Rotate slowly, making sure you don’t scratch the pipe or cause a small hole that can be a source of new leaks.

Close The Leaking Area

The next step is to install the sink faucet to find the leaky area and cover it with masking tape and pipe glue. Check the leaky area on the faucet, if the leaky hole is relatively small and the faucet can still be used, avoid buying a new faucet.

Clean the faucet using an old toothbrush. The coarse fur can clean the faucet from the mossy area and the remnants of glue and tape beforehand.

Clean the faucet into the pipe hole, rinse, and wipe dry. After everything is dry (especially the base of the hole), wrap the tape around the bottom of the pipe about 7 turns.

If it is leaking on the body of the faucet, the lid uses as thick a tape as possible and glue the tip of the tape to prevent it from peeling easily.

Install A Pipe

Before you tighten the faucet back to the pipe hole, apply a fairly thick layer of glue at the base of the pipe. Rotate and tighten the faucet at the base of the pipe clockwise. To make sure more, use a wrench or spanner to tighten the faucet body on the pipe to minimize new leaking sources.

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