These Are Tips To Clean Your Most Important Kitchen Appliances

Sometimes we are lazy to clean the microwave, even though the method is quite easy. Now, what you need to do to clean the microwave is to fill a special microwave bowl with a cup of water and 2 or 4 pieces of lemon. Put it in, then turn it on for about 5 minutes, then remove the bowl and you can clean the inside using a washcloth. Do not forget the turntable table removed and cleaned, clean it like washing dishes with dish cleaning soap. On the other hand, perhaps you may want to check out the excellent Viking that can be cleaned easily.

Also, see if your pan or frying pan is black and crusty on the back? If so, immediately clean it so that it looks sparkling again. The method is no less easy, mix baking soda with enough water, then apply the mixture evenly on the crusty part. Let stand for a moment, then wash thoroughly.

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