These Are 5 Smart Ways To Master The English Grammar

English is still much feared, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up studying right? Given the importance of English for your life, especially for your career in the future, then you must round up the determination to study british life skills. Meanwhile, you may also take the a2 english test if you wish to get a chance to acquire The UK visa.

Well, if you are still confused about writing or speaking English for reasons of grammar, here are some tips for you to try:

1. Many practices and don’t be afraid of being wrong. Believe me, practice makes perfect

It is normal to learn things that you don’t know much so try to learn from the mistakes you make. By making mistakes you will remember the things you learned to get better when you repeat.

2. Always remember 3 basic tenses

You only need to remember that there are 3 basic tenses that you must, namely past tense, present tense and future tense. You have to understand the pattern and usage of the 3 sets of tenses. If you have, you can just develop into other tenses.

3. Understand sentence patterns

For simplicity, remember that you need to place the subject at the beginning of the sentence. After that, the second position for the verb and then the next position is occupied by the object or other information both time and place.

4. Expand reading sentences in English

By reading a lot of sentences, you can understand the form of sentences you see. In addition, you can also learn new city vocabulary from the sentences you read. Surely you should not be lazy to be friends with a dictionary to find out the meaning.

5. Exercise writing stories

Try to practice your structure learning skills by writing a story in English. Try to make a story by paying attention to the time it happened as in the past, present or future. So, you can choose the right verb for one of them.

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