These are Some Guides to Selects The Right Color Of Watches

Watches are one of the most popular accessories for men. many men use watches wherever they go. Watches can support their appearance. You can choose a citizen watch as your watch.

You really have to use a watch that suits you. You also have to adjust the watch with your skin. this guide to choosing a watch according to skin color.

– Bright Skin Color
Having bright skin will really make it easier for you when choosing the right watch because basically each color will easily fit in and match the color of your skin. For this reason, what you need to pay attention to is simply adjusting the color of the watch with your other fashion attributes.

– Dark Skin Color
If you have light skin tones, choosing colors too bright like yellow, blue, to Tosca can be a bad choice because it will look too flashy. However, choosing colors too dark is also not the solution because dark colors will be disguised by the original color of your skin.