These Are The Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Termites From Your House

The way to eradicate termites that like to eat wood material is to keep the material from being damp. Your furniture made of wood is required to be dried regularly in the sun. Make sure the furniture is drying with a long time so that there is no more side of the furniture that is too moist. This method of eradicating termites will be more effective for wood termites. Aside from that, if termites have caused so much damage to your house, perhaps you need to call the best termite damage repair service company near your area.

In addition, always use varnish regularly on your furniture so you don’t easily get moisture. As a precautionary measure, give a distance between wood furniture and the wall so as not to provoke termites to enter from the wall cracks to move towards the furniture.

How to eradicate termites with rice water

For those of you who like to cook, of course cooking rice is an easy matter. Usually, after washing rice, the rinse water is thrown away, right? We recommend that you do not immediately dispose of the rice water that you wash because it can be done using rice water naturally.

Simply collect the used rice washing water, then spray it in a place that is attacked by termites. Termites will slowly decrease and leave the place. How to eradicate this one termite is very easy to do and cheap.

Using bay leaves and basil as a way to eradicate termites naturally

Apart from being suitable for kitchen spices, the strong aroma of bay leaves and basil will be very effective for eradicating termites.

How to eradicate termites with this technique is quite easy to do. Just put the leaves on your furniture. Termites will not approach the furniture. In addition, this material is also safe to put in the wardrobe because it will not make clothes smell. So, how to eradicate this termite does not have a negative effect.