The Reasons Why You Get Pain Or Illness

Pain and illness are often interpreted as a negative or not good word. Everything that is good comes from God and the bad is certainly from the devil. If you are sick it comes from the devil but it is allowed by God. All of that brings goodness. Believe that nothing happens in your life without God’s permission. Why does God allow you to feel pain? The following are the reasons why God lets you sick or get pain which then leads you to get an urgent prayer request.

1. God gives you free will

Everything you have is indeed God’s. However, there is one that God has given to you as your whole property, that is Free Will. Humans have free will. The free will that God gives is your heart. So, you have the right to choose good and bad. Why does God give free will? Because God does not want to have dolls, you are like God and His beloved. Therefore you are given free will. In everyday life, of course, you are always faced with decisions. If you commit a sin, and God gives disease. This is a warning for you to repent.

2. God uses pain to get your attention

When you choose the wrong path, God gives a warning to you through the pain you feel. Why should it hurt? That way God gets your attention and so your path turns around. God’s longing is that you return to His Call.

3. God uses pain so that you depend on Him

Have you ever felt you didn’t need God? Maybe in good health and have a lot of money. God is good, and He always cares for you. Therefore, He does not want you to fall with your pride. He wants you to always depend on Him. Therefore, He allows you to be sick so that you can always be close to Him.