Watches Can Represent Your Personality

Do you like an oversized watch? Watches of this model have large shapes and numbers and are commonly called “boyfriend” because the size is indeed intended for men. If this type of watch is worn by women, it can be interpreted that the woman is very ambitious and independent. Its size indicates that people who use it are very strong and rather dangerous if “screwed up”. You may have tissot watches or you may plan to buy a new one.

At the level of fashion style that is trendy and has character, a choice watch of a man can be a window that tells a lot about the character of his personality. If you like to wear a watch with a leather strap, especially for dark colors, like brown or black, that means you are a practical and sensitive person. Maybe little shows that you tend to be a type of nerdy, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that people will think of you as someone who is boring. With the right type of leather watch, you will be stylish and business oriented.